Living in Vancouver, it is a must to be a Canucks Hockey fan! To be honest, even if you're not the biggest hockey gal' (like yours truly!) it is still fun to wear the team's gear. I personally love this "vintage" tee from the 90s.

Wearing Real Retro Canuck Tee, American Eagle Jeans

One of my favorite bloggers, Jenny of Jenny From The Block, often adds music clips to her posts, and I love hearing her latest favorites...so today I thought I would do the same with a favorite song of mine! Enjoy ♥

The Pierces Lights On by stoplar

xo C


  1. what a great tee! It looks so soft and comfortable, the perfect weekend tee. I like the idea of putting posts to music, great song choice FYI!

  2. que canción tan chula!!! me ecantó!!! jaajjaa

  3. I am a die hard hockey fan too, unfortunatly my team has been in last place that past two years. Yay for first round draft pick? Silver lining?

  4. That looks so comfortable! You look lovely...as always :-)

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  5. Great Blog!!! lovely
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  6. I love this tee so much!!

    First time here, have followed yr blog, just wondering will you follow mine as well?


  7. Cute :) I'm a HUGE hockey fan... I live and die by the Redwings (Being from Detroit), and I was actually at the game on Sunday :)

    Love that tee.. everytime I find vintage Detroit/Redwings garb, it's always suuuper expensive :( Anyways, it looks like a pretty day out, have fun!


  8. Go Habs Go:)

  9. Okay, I admit it... I don't cheer for the Canucks. I don't cheer for anyone, really, but especially not the Canucks. Please don't hold that against me- because I'm hoping that you'll want to join me and some other local bloggers for a get-together at the end of this month :) If you're interested, just send me an email at lamontmartraise@gmail.com

  10. i'm def not a sports fan but i love wearing vintage sports tees.

  11. no, no.. YOU have gorgeous hair my love! sheesh! beautiful gold locks :) and my cousins are from Canada! i have never visited, but i really really want to :) someday... i bought a vintage baseball top when i was in high school, LA Dodgers to be exact... i love wearing it! and your t shirt is awesome! it has a sporty look (obviously) but it still looks flirty :)

  12. Great post, this looks great on you with those jeans! I love Vintage tees too and my sister's bf is from Vancouver so I know all about the Canucks. hehe

    Thanks for your comment on mine too


  13. Totally agree! As a fellow Canadian, hockey attire is a must.

    GO HABS GO ;)

  14. I love hockey, but in my country is played on grass, and I play mostly women (I played 9 years old) ..
    I loved the shirt, and the music is great!
    follow your blog ...
    follow me back? http://agustinatrendygirl.blogspot.com/

  15. i wore a vintage t-shirt outfit today that looked really similar to this
    love the comfy look. so cute!


  16. Very high tech!! I just won a vintage t-shirt like this today in a giveaway : ) Looks great

  17. Cara,

    do you know how excited i get when i meet another Van girl! well it's pretty large amounts let me tell ya, thanks so much for visiting me and your very dear comment. any girl who can rock these vintage tee's the way you do makes me want to attempt to do the same...but *tear* it never ends up looking this good!!! i was also swooning a few posts ago, when i saw the Stones CND tour shirt you scored, nice one lades.

    the boyf is ALL about the Nucks and i kinda get into it but grew up with a hockey loving family so i'm not exactly the first one to scream out "LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" at the top of my lungs ; )

    anyway, i adore your space and all your awesome outfits, plus seeing pieces of the city here and there is pretty cool too. ♥

  18. Vintage tees are sexy! You look great in yours! :)

  19. Great find! Also a hockey fan, but it spans from team to team. Depending on what the goalie looks like.


  20. Love the Canucks Vintage tee. Honestly, I like the older t-shirts over the new styles. :)

  21. i really really like your blog! i am fan! check out my blog too: www.guusvanvugt.blogspot.com x

  22. Go Canucks Go! I'm not really a big fan either to be honest, but I could definitely be persuaded to wear that t-shirt - I love their old logo! I have a teddy bear wearing a jersey that looks like that :)